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Fire Suppression System For Larger Spaces

The EGO Blast can protect spaces from 0.6 m3 to 1600 m3. The Potassium mix inside the EGO Blast series is unique. It does not cause any residues, it extinguishes the fire with aerosol (white smoke) and as long as the aerosol floats in the space the fire will not re-ignite.

The EGO Blast 150 is the largest unit in the series that can by itself protect spaces up to 15 m3. The unit has a built-in activation control with a self-check button and several connections to connect it to other units from the EGO Blast Series. The EGO Blast 100 has the same size, but has only six cartridges instead of nine (EGO Blast 150), and can protect spaces up to 10 m3 by itself.

  • Non-toxic – The potassium based aerosol is 100% non0-toxic and environmentally friendly
  • Maintenance-free – Only an east and fast yearly control of the unit battery indicator
  • Standalone System – No infrastructure, pressure, external electricity or computer system
  • No Residue – No damages to hardware, electronics or engines
  • Portable Size – Place the unit anywhere in the space (on the floor or in the ceiling)

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