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Automatic fire protection device that extinguishes the fire before it even starts

The MAUS Stixx PRO V1 is an award-winning innovation that can be installed in any small space where a fire may occur. It triggers automatically and fills the space with a potassium-based smoke that absorbs the heat of the fire and extinguishes it. Smaller than a regular marker, it fits everywhere and acts as a preventive fire protection.

There are many reasons for a fire in a home electrical system. Bad wiring, broken components, overly tight or loose connections, lightning strikes, old wiring, overloading, etc. are all potential hazards that put lives at risk. Spaces under the hood of the outboard, behind the fridge/freezer (where many fires start), in the 3D printer, etc. are all spaces worth protecting against fire.

Non Toxic – The potassium-based aerosol is 100% nontoxic & environmentally friendly
No Maintenance – Once the unit has been installed it’s maintenance-free during the lifespan
System – All units have a built in self-activating heat detection cable
No Residues – No damages to hardware, electronics or engines
Compact – So small that they can be placed everywhere

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