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MAUS Xtin Small

The award-winning fire extinguisher

The MAUS Xtin Small is a revolution in firefighting. It extinguishes the fire with a patented potassium mix, which compared to other types of extinguishing agents such as powder and foam, does not destroy with extinguishing residues. MAUS technology extinguishes the fire without damaging the engine, electronics or interior.

Developed in Sweden, the handheld fire extinguisher saves time and money by avoiding clean-up. The only thing destroyed when the fire is extinguished with MAUS technology, is what the fire itself destroyed.

  • Convenient – Handheld fire extinguisher, suitable for small electrical fires
  • Time-efficient – No clean-up
  • Certified – For fire classes B and C but can also fight Class A and F fires in the initial stage
  • Safe – Does not destroy electrical appliances with the extinguishing agent

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