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PRÜFTECHNIK’s most popular alignment tool

The OPTALIGN Touch by PRÜFTECHNIK is a touch screen device used to control and read data from the PRUFTECHNIK senseALIGN and infiniRange systems and it was designed by some of the world’s leading alignment experts to solve problems in the easiest way possible.

The sensALIGN® technology is based on the inherent PRÜFTECHNIK single laser technology, providing highly accurate measurement results, as well as the easiest mounting and measuring in the field. sensALIGN® sensors include two HD large position sensitive detectors (PSD) and MEMS inclinometers, whilst also connecting wirelessly to the device via Bluetooth®.

Combined with the detector extension capability InfiniRange®, there is no need for pre-alignment as it is always possible to measure the initial alignment condition, no matter how big the misalignment is. The live corrections of the machine can also be started at any sensor clock position after the measurement shaft rotation.

This touch screen device is made for maximum durability. Not only it is waterproof and dust-proof according to IP65, but it is also shock-proof, oil, dirt and scratch resistant.

  • Single Laser / Dual Detector Plane Technology
  • SWEEP Mode 
  • PASS Mode
  • MultiPOINT Mode
  • Static Mode
  • Best measurement accuracy & repeatability – Unique single laser technology sensALIGN 5 offers repeatable high-precision measurements
  • Live Move function – Simultaneous real-time machine corrections in both horizontal and vertical directions
  • WiFi and Bluetooth communication – WLAN and Bluetooth interfaces for fast & easy measurement sharing
  • Multi machine train – Three machine trains
  • Compact – Fastest handset & light weight handset (1.88kgs)
  • Mobile connectivity –  Save time & effort with the touchscreen, RFID & built-in camera
  • Durability – IP65 rating
  • Tailored to suit – Customised tolerances

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