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World’s leading shaft alignment tool

The ROTALIGN Touch is a valuable and portable handheld tool for any maintenance workshop or service team that needs to align rotating machinery with complex alignment requirements. It is a cost-effective solution that can help to improve the efficiency and reliability of your machinery.

The ROTALIGN Touch by PRÜFTECHNIK allows the operator to perform complex alignments with ease.  From multi-coupling machine trains, uncoupled and non-rotatable machines, the ROTALIGN Touch can handle them all with ease.

This device can also accurately perform Cardan Shaft Alignments without removal of the shaft. It can connect to multiple sensALIGN 7 receivers to allow quick alignment of multiple coupling machines and can accurately measure positional movement during operation of the machine, enabling precise determination of alignment targets.

The ROTALIGN Touch is the world’s leading shaft alignment tool – talk to us today about how it can work for you.

  • Single Laser / Dual Detector Plane Technology
  • intelliSWEEP Mode 
  • intelliPASS Mode
  • intelliPOINT Mode
  • vertiSWEEP Mode
  • Unrivalled precision alignment – Guided user interface, 3D machine animations, and tablet-like navigation for full control
  • Advanced features to address any laser alignment – Benefit from adaptive features inherent to the sensALIGN 7 laser sensor heads & Active Situational Intelligence
  • Live Trend – Measurement of positional change
  • Multi-couplingConnect multiple sensor sets
  • Live Move Mode Live visualisation
  • ‘What If’ Scenarios Pre-plan your moves
  • Compact – Fastest handset & light weight handset (1.88kgs)
  • Mobile connectivity –  Save time & effort with the touchscreen, RFID & built-in camera
  • Durability – IP65 rating
  • Tailored to suit – Customised tolerances

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