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Fire Alarm Control Panel – AutroPrime

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Fire Alarm Control Panel – AutroPrime

The BS-200M is an integrated Fire Alarm Control Panel for small-to-medium-sized installations.

Principle of Operation

All alarm handling and system features can be configured, controlled and monitored from the panel.

The panel can accommodate up to a maximum of four detection loops. The loops support most of AutroSafe detectors, several types of I/O devices for monitored outputs, open collector outputs, galvanic isolated inputs and monitored inputs. It has a 5A power module for battery charging.


  • SelfVerify-function for automatic testing of detectors
  • Automatic setup
  • Automatic addressing of detectors
  • Four loops
  • Built in changeover for primary/emergency mains power
  • USB for data transfer to/from memory stick.
  • User-friendly display and operator controls
  • Back-lit operating buttons. Text display suitable for night time operation
  • Surface mounting or the integrated panel can be mounted separately in a 19’’ rack or console
  • Designed to meet EN 54 and SOLAS requirements, MED (“wheel-mark”) and CPD certified
  • Complies with environmental conditions of IEC-721-3-3 class 3k5
  • Output to VDR and Modbus
  • Printed “getting started” manual included


  • Fire Alarm Control Panel for small-to-medium-sized installations.
  • Tankers
  • Supply Ships
  • Bulk Carriers
  • Ferries
  • Superyachts