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Fire Alarm Control Panel – AutroSafe 4

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Fire Alarm Control Panel – AutroSafe 4

Autrosafe Integrated Fire and Gas (IFG) 4 is the most comprehensive Fire and Gas safety system on the market, designed specifically to meet the rigorous requirements of the offshore LNG markets, onshore plants and refineries.

The system is customised to suit site needs and integrated third-party interface allows unlimited communication options. The BS-420 is a complete fire alarm control panel, the primary interface in the AutroSafe IFG 4 system. Its flexibility allows it to be used as a stand-alone system or integrated as part of a network.

All operations, alarm management, indications and other functions within an operation zone are controlled and handled by the panel which is equipped with a display, light indicators, numeric keypad, navigation wheel and special function buttons (e.g. Silence Alarms). Loop driver, input and output modules can be connected and an integrated AutroFieldBus interface makes it possible to connect AutroFieldBus equipment to the panel.

Principle of Operation

All alarm handling and system features can be configured, controlled and monitored from the panel. The panel can accommodate up to a maximum of 12 modules. The system offers Loop Driver Modules for detection loops and several types of I/O modules. There can be a maximum of 6 Loop Driver Modules in each panel and all modules are easily plugged onto each other on a standard mounting rail inside the unit.

The panel provides connections for 2 Ethernet ports and 2 USB host ports.

The system is designed to meet all requirements in the high-end segment of the offshore market. It is certified according to European directives (CPD) requiring EN 54 compliance, and is approved by Factory Mutual (FM) according to NFPA 72. Additionally, the F&G system is designed according to SIL2 requirements.


  • SelfVerify function for automatic testing of detectors
  • Automatic addressing of detectors
  • AutroFieldBus
  • Accommodates up to a maximum of 12 modules, of which maximum 6 can be Loop Driver Modules
  • User-friendly display and operator controls
  • Backlit operational buttons. Text display suitable for full darkness operation
  • Surface mounting on wall
  • Rack mounting in standard 19’’ cabinets
  • Conforms to CE standards
  • Designed to meet IEC 61508 SIL2 requirements, CEN, EN 54-2, EN 54-4 and EN 54-13 regulations, FM regulations (Factory Mutual) NFPA 72 factory approval and designed according to SIL2 requirements


  • Chemical processing plants
  • Offshore Platforms
  • LNG facilities and vessels
  • Floating Production Storage and Offtake (FPSO / FSO) facilities
  • Passenger ships and super yachts
  • Critical process and safety systems