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ClampOn DSP Subsea Sand/Particle Monitor

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ClampOn DSP Subsea Sand/Particle Monitor

ClampOn DSP06 Acoustic Sand Detector – Particle Monitor


The ClampOn DSP Acoustic Sand Detector – Particle Monitor is a non-intrusive, ultrasonic measurement device that listens to the sound particles make as they collide with the pipe wall. By combining advanced filtration with Digital Signal Processing (patented technology) within the sensor itself, the ClampOn Acoustic Sand Detectors are unchallenged as the industry leaders in acoustic measuring technology.

The ClampOn DSP Acoustic Sand Detector – Particle Monitor is based on the ClampOn “Ultrasonic Intelligent Sensor” technology. The instrument is installed two pipe diameters after a bend, where the particles or solids come into contact with the inside of the pipe wall, generating ultrasound. The ultrasonic signal is transmitted through the pipe wall and picked up by the acoustic sensor.

Sand production in oil and gas wells is a serious issue facing oil and gas producers. The challenge is not only to avoid sand production, but also to increase commercial well productivity, as even small quantities of particles in the well flow can cause significant damage. As an operator you are interested in maximum production and profit from your wells, no matter what technology you use. Operators all over the world have made ClampOn their preferred supplier of sand monitoring systems, due to the patented technology that turns their wells into profit generators.


  • Two way communication enabling instrument software update and configuration
  • Full signal range resolution
  • All sensor data can be transmitted
  • No signal loss
  •  The ideal noninvasive measuring device
  • A wide range of communications available allowing complete monitoring of processes as well as supervision and control of critical operations

Technical details:

  • Please download data sheet for more technical information