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ClampOn DSP Leak Monitor

Clampon sand detector
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ClampOn DSP Leak Monitor


The ClampOn DSP Leak Monitor detects leaks or flow throughs, even with low differential pressure over the measuring point on all pipes and valves. The ClampOn DSP Leak Monitor has been developed with the aim of offering a product that can quantify a leak through a closed valve. The ClampOn DSP Leak Monitor is qualified as a subsea and topside monitor.

A leak in an oil or gas flow line is highly dangerous upstream as well as downstream, so it is extremely important for the well operator to be warned about any leak immediately should it occur.

A leak in a flow line, valve, flange or any other component can compromise safety and may also lead to a shutdown in production or downstream at a refinery or terminal.

The ClampOn DSP Leak Monitor can easily be integrated into any existing or new control system. A computer with our software is often used in between our instruments and the control system. The computer will be used for calculations and all recorded data will be stored for analyzing and calibration purposes.


  • Reduced loss to flare
  • Gas leak to the sea
  • Reduced loss to the atmosphere
  • Reduced process loss
  • Maintenance planning

Technical details:

  • Please download data sheet for more technical information