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ClampOn Corrosion-Erosion Monitor

Corrosion Erosion Monitor
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ClampOn Corrosion-Erosion Monitor

The patented ClampOn DSP Corrosion-Erosion Monitor (CEM) has been designed to monitor the average wall thickness of pipes, containers and any large object that requires monitoring of corrosion/erosion.


The ClampOn CEM system utilises a unique method of monitoring wall thickness loss by the use of clamp on sensors. A number of transducers measure corrosion erosion by transmitting ultrasonic signals that propagate through pipe material. Using ClampOn acoustic transducers means that no drilling or welding that would cause loss of production is required.

The operating principle of the ClampOn CEM is based on transmitting ultrasonic signals that propagate through the pipe-wall. The dispersive characteristics of a group of guided acoustic waves, called Lamb modes, are exploited to indicate a mean change in wall thickness relative to reference values acquired during the installation of the CEM system.

The permanently installed CEM system ensures that measurements are frequently repeated and in exactly the same manner, eliminating the weaknesses of manual ultrasonic thickness gauging. Wall thickness trends are generated automatically and can be observed in real time.


  • Accurate and reliable measurement of corrosion and erosion
  • Real time
  • Non-intrusive
  • Retrofit installable
  • Large coverage area
  • Accurate/high resolution
  • Possibility for tomography

Technical details:

  • Please download data sheet for more technical information