Aquip Systems supplies flow meters for measuring a diverse range of fluids and gases, in all kinds of applications.   Models available range from standard positive displacement, paddle and turbine meters through inline ultrasonics and non-intrusive clamp-on ultrasonic meters.

Advanced technologies are available for chemical concentration measurement in process control, interface detection, and thermal energy consumption across a heat exchange.

Aquip Systems has a long history supplying leading international and Australian flow meter brands to the Australian Water, Mining, Oil and Gas, and Process industries.   Our service engineers have extensive experience supporting clients both on-site and remotely with complex projects.

We are proud to represent market-leading brands, offering the highest quality and comprehensive technical support.  Brands include FLEXIM Ultrasonic Clamp-on systems, KAMSTRUP In-line ultrasonic heating and cooling meters and the full range of flow meters, totalisers, batching systems, strainers and air eliminators by GPI, FLOMEC, TRIMEC, Macnaught and others.

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