Aquip has the most comprehensive laser alignment systems available in Australia, as well as the very best in over the phone support and on site assistance and training. We are the WA, SA and NT supplier for the Pruftechnik Alignment products.

Pulley Alignment

Reduce the mechanical breakdown of your pulley systems with the Pullalign laser pulley alignment system. The Pullalign easily detects offsets by casting a precision laser from one pulley to another, allowing you to correct the bands and improve machine performance.

Laser Shaft Alignment

Aquip stocks the very latest in PRÜFTECHNIK laser shaft alignment devices, including Optalign Smart Rotalign Ultra Models. Aquip also offers training, maintenance and onsite support to help you get the best from your alignment systems.

Laser Shaft Alignment Equipment

PRÜFTECHNIK are the inventors and world leaders of Laser Shaft Alignment. Aquip are the leading retailer for PRÜFTECHNIK laser alignment systems, providing many industries with quick solutions to ad hoc measuring tasks. The range includes basic, intermediate and advanced laser alignment tools. PRÜFTECHNIK have been in the industry for over 25 years and have continued to set high standards in the field of Laser Shaft Alignment. Alignment of rotating machinery is critically important. Misalignment can lead to excessive and premature bearing wear, shaft and seal failures, high operating temperatures, excessive vibration and high power consumption. Repairing misaligned machinery damage and failure such as this entails avoidable downtime and loss of productivity.

Laser Geometric Alignment

Laser Geometric Alignment equipment is available for precise measurements and monitoring of foundations and surfaces.  PRÜFTECHNIK have invented the Centralign, this new technology assists with the alignment of bores in diesel engines, compressors, gear boxes, pumps, tubes and turbines.  Many Geometric measurements can we carried out using our modern laser systems. The Inclineo provides measurements on surfaces with any inclination, flatness checks and parallelism of surfaces.

Laser Shaft Alignment Hire

ROTALIGN Ultra iS  is the expert product we have available for hire. With a wide range of applications that include thermal growth, soft foot, bore alignment, flatness measurement, multi machine train function and vibration checks. The Optalign Smart RS5  is the advanced Laser Shaft Alignment options available for daily, weekly or monthly hire. The Optalign Smart RS5 has the sweep measurement, concurrent live move and Bluetooth capabilites enabling the alignment be performed more efficiently.

Laser Shaft Alignment Software

Alignment Centre is the PC software platform for all PRÜFTECHNIK alignment instruments and application. It provides you with the perfect solution for preparing, analysing organizing and archiving your measurement files. Alignment Center is easy to use with the capabilities of professional reporting options that enable you to customise the content, add your company logo and contact details, full colour and the ability to print graphical reports. Alignment Center is essential for you to combat all your documentation requirements.

Laser Alignment Accessories

We have a range of Laser Shaft Alignment accessories available.  Stainless Steel pre-cut shims are available in packs of 20 or a variety of cases including sizes A, B, C & D. PRÜFTECHNIK have a range of Laser Alignment brackets to suit different applications e.g. Magnetic Bolt Hold brackets, Compact Magnetic brackets, sliding magnetic brackets, extra thin brackets and cardan shaft brackets to name a few.

Ex Rated Laser Shaft Alignment

Many shaft alignment tasks in the resources industries take place in environments subject to risk of explosion. Aquip distributes the PRÜFTECHNIK range of alignment tools – a high-end laser alignment system fully certified for operation in these hazardous conditions. Increase machinery uptime and reduce wear and maintenance costs, with the PRÜFTECHNIK system.

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