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Optalign Touch

Optalign Touch
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Optalign Touch

The new OPTALIGN touch opens up the world of full wireless connectivity via WiFi connection and cloud-based file transfer. The touch screen device is made for maximum durability. Not only it is waterproof and dust-proof according to IP65, but it is also shock-proof, oil, dirt and scratch resistant.

The sensALIGN® technology is based on the inherent PRUFTECHNIK single laser technology providing highly accurate measurement results and easiest mounting and measuring in the field.

sensALIGN® sensors include two HD large position sensitive detectors (PSD) and MEMS inclinometers and connects wirelessly to the device via Bluetooth®.

Combined with the detector extension capability InfiniRange®, there is no need for pre-alignment as it is always possible to measure the initial alignment condition, no matter how big the misalignment is. Furthermore, the live corrections of the machine can be started at any sensor clock position after the measurement shaft rotation.

More advanced alignment tasks like e.g. Live Trend for the measurement of machine positional changes can easily be operated with a fast and simple upgrade of the laser/sensor heads to the state-of-the-art sensALIGN® 7. And the whole world of PRUFTECHNIK’s intelligent alignment features becomes available

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