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Portable Ultrasonic Calibration – Gassonic 1701

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Portable Ultrasonic Calibration – Gassonic 1701

Portable Ultrasonic Calibration Unit – Gassonic 1701

The Gassonic 1701 Ultrasonic Calibration Unit is a portable test and calibration unit used to verify the operation and calibrate certain Gassonic ultrasonic gas leak detectors.

Although the Gassonic detectors do not require regular maintenance, the Gassonic 1701 Ultrasonic Calibration Unit can be used to satisfy the requirements for regular plant maintenance. Compared to traditional detection methods, a calibration gas is not needed for testing the functionality of the devices. Further, the Gassonic 1701 Ultrasonic Calibration Unit requires no electrical connection to the gas leak detector but is simply placed over the sensor head of the gas leak detector.

To simulate the distinct ultrasound made by pressurized gas leaks, the Gassonic 1701 Ultrasonic Calibration Unit generates an amplitude sweep of band-limited white noise through a water resistant piezo loudspeaker. When the gas leak detector registers this noise, an optical link in the Gassonic 1701 Ultrasonic Calibration Unit interacts with the detector and controls the test and the calibration sequence.

Test Function

The test function in the Gassonic 1701 Ultrasonic Calibration Unit is for regular testing of the Gassonic detectors. In test mode, the Gassonic 1701 emits a constant calibrated sound that the ultrasonic gas leak detector responds to.

On the Gassonic Observer, the sound level emitted from the Gassonic 1701 Ultrasonic Calibration Unit appears on the display of the detector and on the Gassonic Surveyor, the sound level reads out
on the Gassonic 1701.

Calibration Function

The Gassonic Observer and Gassonic Surveyor can be re-calibrated onsite. When calibrating the detectors, the portable test and calibration unit emits a series of ultrasonic sound levels at different amplitudes. It then automatically performs a zero and a span calibration of the detector. The calibration of the Gassonic detectors should only be done when the test function shows the detector accuracy is outside its specifications.


  • Provides clear evidence that the detector always has the same detection coverage thereby ensuring reliability.
  • Traceable and calibrated to international standards
  • Tests full dynamic range as well as delay function
  • Comes with individual calibration sheet, calibrated to international standards


  • Onsite calibration of Gassonic Observer UGLD in field