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Portable Water Meter

Portable Unltrasonic Flow Meter
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Portable Water Meter

Portable Ultrasonic Flow Meter – Flexim FLUXUS F601

The FLUXUS F601 is the ideal portable fluid flow meter for conducting audits and surveys, for commissioning and service / maintenance, even for the temporary replacement of permanently installed flow meters. The FLUXUS F601 portable water meter is available for rental or purchase from Aquip Systems – please contact us for rental availability.

The full installation of the FLUXUS F601 portable water meter can take less than 5 minutes – this includes measuring the wall thickness with an integral ultrasonic wall thickness probe, loading all the application parameters into the flow computer, installing the transducers to the pipe and starting the measurement.

The F601 portable ultrasonic flow meter is designed to withstand rough industrial environments, with stainless steel transducer housing, hermetically sealed transducers with stainless steel conduit cable and rugged Lemo connectors to connect to the flow computer. The F601 portable water meter has capacity for up to 14 hours of autonomous measurement with its Lithium Ion rechargeable battery.

The transducers are matched and paired during manufacture, ensuring the meter reads zero right from the outset. The transducer accuracy is verified at the Flexim calibration flow loop and a traceable calibration certificate is provided for every transducer pair. Temperature compensation within the transducers ensure there is no zero drift over time, ensuring a reliable and highly accurate measurement, even under challenging conditions.

The FLUXUS F601 portable water meter is also available in an “Energy” and “Multifunctional”version.

The Flexim FLUXUS F601 Energy  can calculate thermal energy flows, audit and analyze the performance and efficiency of chiller and heating plants, perform a complete energy balance calculation, commission a central energy plant.

The Flexim FLUXUS F601 Multifunction can measure the performance of a variable speed pump – allowing input of measurements including flow, temperature, pressure and RPM.