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ClampOn Subsea Sand Detector

ClampOn compact in clamp
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ClampOn Subsea Sand Detector


The Compact Subsea Sand Detector has all the intelligence and sensitivity of the topside instruments and can be installed to a water depth of 3000 meters. With fully redundant electronics and hermetically welded seals within titanium housing, the Compact Subsea Sand Detectors are designed to withstand a service life of more than 25 years.

Sand production in Oil and Gas wells is one of the most challenging factors an operator faces during production.

Going subsea, safety issues in conjunction with the need to produce as much as possible per well, makes the selection of a subsea monitoring system even more important.

Sand production in oil and gas wells is a serious issue for oil and gas producers. The challenge is not merely to avoid sand production, but also to increase commercial well productivity, as even small quantities of particles in the well flow can cause significant damage. As an operator you are interested in maximum production and profit from your wells, no matter what technology you use. Operators all over the world have made ClampOn their preferred supplier of sand monitoring systems, due to the patented technology that turns their wells into profit generators.


  • Designed for a service life of more than 25 years
  • Independent redundant electronics
  • Independent high and atmosphere pressure chambers
  • Electron beam (EB) welding of the chamber against external pressure (no rubber or mechanical seals)
  • Glass-metal penetrator as a barrier between high and atmosphere pressure chambers
  • Outstanding sensitivity, repeatability, accuracy and signal/noise ratio thanks to Digital Signal Processing (DSP)

Technical details:

  • Please download data sheet for more technical information