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Turbine Flow Metering – Barton 7400

Turbine Flow Meter
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Turbine Flow Metering – Barton 7400

Cameron’s BARTON® Series 7400 precision turbine flow meters are designed for gas service in a wide range of industrial, commercial, pipeline, and aerospace applications. Because the output from the pickup coil is digital, our range of BARTON Series 7000 meters are a perfect match for electronic output devices because no A/D conversion is required. For the 7400 Series meters specifically, the rotor response is in milliseconds, providing precise metering in rapidly changing flow pattern applications.

Specifications for the Cameron 7400 turbine flow metering system

  • High Accuracy – Custody transfer quality measurements have ±0.2% of flow-rate repeatability and a single K-factor linearity of better than ±1.0% of reading over flow range
  • Wide Application – Able to meter gases from oxygen to ethylene for natural gas production, gas transmission, petrochemical, transport, aerospace, and petroleum production/refining industries
  • Responsive – A major advantage over other primary flow devices, the rotor response in milliseconds provides precision even in rapidly changing environments
  • High-Frequency Digital Output – Easy interface with digital equipment
  • Wide Range – Eliminates parallel runs and the cost of extra valves and strainers
  • Symmetrical Bi-Directional Design – Ideal for reverse flow applications since accuracy and flow capacities are the same in either direction; Electronic options provide instantaneous flow direction sensing
  • Wide Temperature and Pressure Ranges – Measurement options for hot hydrocarbon to cryogenic applications
  • Compact and Efficient – Compared to other precision metering techniques, our BARTON turbine meters can handle a larger flow rate in a smaller meter and at a lower pressure drop; With the use of reduced diameter block valves and meter runs, substantial installation cost savings are achieved
  • Low-Mass Design – The small, lightweight rotor hubs ensure fast response to process flow changes and reduced bearing load and wear; For meters above 2″, the hub either is hollow or indented to further reduce the rotating mass
  • Low Maintenance – Sealed self-lubricating bearings feature a maintenance-free 10-year design life
  • Integral Pressure Tap – Precisely positioned to accommodate pressure measurement at the turbine meter