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JISKOOT IsoFraction

Automatic sampling system for LNG applications

The Sensia JISKOOT IsoFraction automatic sampling system for LNG applications was developed to overcome the complications associated with traditional LNG sampling and GC feed systems.

This sampling system comprises a gas sampling system with an integrated vaporisation, stabilisation and control system to ensure control of the phase change of the LNG to gas with minimal lag.

  • Low uncertainty – Operators report a significant improvement in uncertainty achieved which is typically higher than ± 0.15%
  • Unaffected by pressure and flow rate – Designed to be unaffected by changes in line pressure or flow rate
  • Fully automatic – The system does not need any operator set up or intervention, minimising the risk of operator induced errors
  • Representative samples – Grab sampler and constant pressure cylinder (CPC) technology are used to produce representative samples suitable for custody transfer
  • Full integration with gas chromatographs – The system can be used to supply any online GC device with a representative feed
  • System reliability and simplicity – Reliable and robust system that has low maintenance and installation costs

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