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JISKOOT Liquid Cell Samplers

Reliable and accurate sampling devices

JISKOOT’s Liquid Cell Samplers are designed for liquid sampling applications for various conditions, including heavy crude oil environments.

Available Liquid Cell Samplers:

  • JISKOOT 210SD Severe Duty Cell Sampler
  • JISKOOT 210P & 210P-HP Pneumatic Hydrocarbon Cell Sampler
  • JISKOOT 210EH & 210EH-HP Hydraulic Hydrocarbon Cell Sampler
  • JISKOOT 210HT High Temperature Cell Sampler
  • JISKOOT 210 Hybrid Cell Sampler
  • JISKOOT 710EL-MC Cell Electrically Driven Flow-Through Sample Extractor
  • JISKOOT SCV Sampling Check Valve
  • Quality – Designed for heavy oil applications where sediments are normally found
  • Convenient – Maintenance and replacement of seals can be performed without removing the sampler from the fast-loop
  • Easy to use – Operation at all pipeline pressures
  • Safe – Construction materials that disable corrosion

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