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On-Site Flow Measurement Services

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On-Site Flow Measurement Services

Flow Measurement Services

Aquip Systems provides experienced Service Engineers to carry out on-site flow measurement services at any site, onshore or offshore. We are the product specialists for the German engineered Flexim range of ultrasonic  flow meters.

We offer flow measurement services ranging from a single point up to a complete measurement audit of a large facility with multiple points. Our services can be used to either measure points that are not equipped with a flow meter or to check the validity of existing flow meters (regardless of the technology or manufacturer).

We can perform measurements on cold pipes and hot pipes (ranging from -40°C degrees to 400°C) and also provide compressed air measurements. Many of our instruments are able to be used in hazardous areas as they are equipped with IECEX certification. We will provide you with a detailed measurement report with traceable results.

Learn more about how our flow measurement services can be tailored to meet customer needs by reading the case study here.


  • Evaluate volumetric flow, mass flow and energy flow measurements
  • Suitable for both liquids and gases
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Reporting

Applications include:


  • Service and maintenance
  • Replacement of defective devices
  • Support of commissioning process and installation
  • Performance and efficiency measurement
  • Evaluation and assessments
  • Capacity measurement of pumps
  • Monitoring of regulating valves
  • Energy efficiency
  • Flow and Energy audits

Chemical Industry

  • Portable flow controls at start-up and/or inspection of facilities
  • Helpful tool for facility optimization
  • Flow measurement of heat transfer media

Water supply / Wastewater services

  • Leakage control
  • Treatment dosage
  • Flow control in water supply networks

Refrigeration and air conditioning systems

  • Measurement of inlet and outlet flow for service work and maintenance
  • Pump preventative maintenance and checks
  • Optimization of energy efficiency
  • Detection of fouling processes in heat exchangers

Facility management / Energy Metering – BTU

  • Optimization of heating and air conditioning systems in large building complexes
  • Pump control

Food and Beverage Industry

  • CIP and SIP optimisation
  • Consumption optimisation

Aeronautical industry

  • Monitoring of hydraulic and cooling systems of airplanes

About the products we use:

For over 25 years, FLEXIM has developed and manufactured advanced measuring devices for industrial process applications.

Latest Technology – Robust Equipment

Their products are designed to incorporate the latest technology and are manufactured to the highest German standards.

As the leader in clamp-on technology, Flexim offers reliable solutions for even the most demanding of environments and applications for over 25 years.

Their robust clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters are widely used across Mining, Oil and Gas, Process and Sustainability applications around the world.

These ultrasonic flow meters provide non-intrusive flow metering.  They are quick to install and do not require changes to pipelines, interruption of process or ongoing maintenance.  As a result, our clients save time and money at commissioning as well as over long-term operation.

Flexim’s range of products is suitable for measuring thermal energy, liquids and gases, including compressed air.

Ultrasonic Flow Measurement and Process Analytics.

FLEXIM’s robust transmitters are available for portable and stationary applications, providing a range of options for inputs and outputs to integrate with onsite data-acquisition and process management systems.

This technology provides a range of benefits to clients, including:

  • Efficient, low-cost installation
  • No requirement for breaking lines or adding process connections
  • No interruption to process during installation
  • No on-going maintenance as there are no mechanical parts
  • No contact with fluid or gas – perfect for high purity applications