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Pump Health Assessment and Analysis

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Pump Health Assessment and Analysis

Pump Health Assessment and Analysis

Pump Health Overview

The focus and ultimate goal of the Pump Assessment program is to educate people on how to reduce cost of asset ownership by creating a full picture of equipment’s health, reliability and suitability. We also provide a guide on the steps that should be taken towards developing a healthy maintenance schedule by working through a comprehensive checklist of preventive maintenance checks.

Keeping pumping systems and stations operating at their optimum capability is vital. However, many organisations responsible for this crucial task fail to perform regular health checks on their pump systems.

Most people would not run their car or home heating units until they break down or stop working. The same principles apply to pump systems. They require the same level of preventive care and maintenance so that operators and end users benefit the most from their investments. Preventive maintenance and monitoring provide a clear picture of the system’s performance, save end users money and reduce environmental impact by improving energy usage, in some cases by an enormous amount.

Regular Monitoring

The maintenance of a pumping station should not be a one-time event. A robust monitoring system along with regular health checks will deliver a comprehensive and accurate understanding of how a pump system is performing.

When end users consider the different options for monitoring performance, they should look for a system that monitors energy use, the whole life-cycle cost of the equipment and how the pump performs against its most efficient duty point.

Our Pump Health Assessment program is fully comprehensive and includes the following checks to ensure we can provide a full picture of the health and condition of the asset:

  • Bearing condition
  • Seal condition
  • Running temperatures
  • Developed flow and head to compare to pump design curve
  • Pump and motor efficiency
  • Process changes and the effect on pump performance
  • Pump component condition
  • Vibration levels and what causes them
  • Pump and motor alignment
  • Overall condition of pump and installation

Learn more about the benefits of a Pump Health Assessment by reading the case study here.