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Sand Detection Services

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Sand Detection Services

Sand Detection Services

Sand monitoring can be a time-consuming process that requires expertise and experience, so using your own personnel can be expensive. Continuity is also important, and frequent changes of personnel make it difficult to maintain the necessary continuity and experience. However, installing and using ClampOn acoustic sand detectors on a well-designed and well-maintained system is not complicated.

Sand monitoring can be simple when sand production is low enough to ignore. However, it can also be a very difficult and frustrating process and mistakes can be both dangerous and extremely expensive.

Aquip has been the sole Australian agent for ClampOn instrumentation for the last 20 years.  Our proficiency with sand management and demonstrated expertise has lead us to develop long standing relationships with key players in the Oil and Gas industry. Aquip’s relationship with a major oil and gas company in the Bass Straight relative to sand monitoring led them to purchase their first ClampOn sand detection system.  Engaging Aquip for ongoing support in the form of sand management contracts for many years has ensured our client has an effective sand management system in place.

Assistance with Well Startup

Another major oil and gas supplier in WA’s north west has ensured Aquip is part of their well start-up team on facilities in the north west shelf gas fields.  Aquip were engaged to provide on-site continuous support during start-up, providing data analysis on sand trends. We can assist during early the early stages of well commissioning to ensure correct equipment installation and confirm the sand data being produced is realistic.   Support during initial start-up is also important for safe operation during the critical start-up phases.

Our ongoing support for existing operations will make certain you have an effective sand management system in place, and our experienced Service Engineers can create one to suit your needs.   This is achieved via reporting on sand activity over per-determined periods or on an ad-hoc basis to assist with data interpretations. Our highly skilled Service Engineers are available to talk more about confirming you are getting the most out of your ClampOn instrumentation.

Tempory and short term monitoring

Another important service offered by the group is temporary, short-term sand monitoring, for example during a well test or sand production survey in a field that lacks proper sand monitoring equipment. The ClampOn equipment used for this service is portable and lightweight. It can be hand-carried to any part of the world and is operational within minutes


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