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ClampOn Subsea Corrosion Erosion Monitor

Measures wall thickness loss in pipes, plates or other metal structures

The ClampOn Subsea Corrosion Erosion Monitor (Subsea CEM) uses active ultrasound where transducer pairs work in a pitch catch mode of operation, giving the average wall thickness between the transducers. As a part of the ClampOn family, it is non-intrusive. 
A permanently installed Corrosion Erosion Monitoring system will measure the wall thickness frequently and at a high repeatability, eliminating the weaknesses that are commonly encountered in manual ultrasonic thickness gauging. Wall thickness trends are generated automatically and can be observed in real time, logged internally in a datalogger or presented in a wireless solution. 
The Subsea Corrosion Erosion Monitoring version utilises up to 32 transducers, increasing distance to a maximum of 8 meters. Installation is easy and the system is virtually maintenance free, due to the newly developed Dry Contact transducers which utilise electromagnetism to transmit and receive acoustic signals. Therefore, no glue is required and the transducers can be placed on the exterior on up to 3mm of paint or coating. 

  • Production templates – For subsea 
  • Equipped – Jumpers/Flow Lines and Manifolds 
  • Quality – Retrofit solution 

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