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Get uninterrupted condition-critical data to optimise your pipeline integrity programs.

Pipers® is an operating system for pipeline integrity with multi-sensor surveys assessing full conditions in a single run. INGU uses multi sensor technology that is highly-efficient as it delivers leak, pressure, deposits and magnetic surveys in a single run.

Every Piper has a:​ 

  • Magnetometer​ 
  • Accelerometer​ 
  • Gyroscope​ 
  • Acoustic sensor​ 
  • Pressure sensor 

INGU maximises the reach of pipeline integrity programs, delivering greater control and responsiveness.

  • Self-Serve System – Maximum control without third parties required onsite
  • 100% Uptime – Designed for use under operational conditions
  • Universal Pipeline Access – Easy access to assets as small as 2 inches in diameter
  • 10x Cost Advantage – Affordability and ease of use means more visibility more often
  • Multi Sensor Surveys – Leak, pressure, wall condition​, corrosion​, deposit and magnetic data in a single run
  • Rich Datasets Library – Leverage historical data for unprecedented analysis
  • Operational Control ​– Regular inline presence across assets makes it possible to optimise planning, decision-making and actions, while reducing unexpected costs
  • Troubleshooting in Hand​ – Inline inspection “as a service” ensures that troubleshooting Pipers are always in scope and readily at hand no matter the material, location, size or configuration of asset

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