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leak detection

ClampOn DSP Subsea Leak Monitor

Detects small and medium leaks or flow-throughs

The non-intrusive ClampOn DSP Leak Monitor detects small and medium leaks or flow-throughs, even with low differential pressure over the measuring point on pipes and valves. The monitor has been developed with the aim of offering a product that can quantify a leak through a closed valve.

The simple theory is that a leak creates a very high-frequency noise that can be observed by an ultrasonic sensor. In a non-leak situation, the ultrasonic pattern will be stable, but when a leak occurs the signature will change significantly. ClampOn’s DSP technology differentiates and eradicates background noise unrelated to leakages so that the hiss from the leaks can warn the operator. The system also includes a program or database that assists when monitoring and specifying the volume of the leak.

  • Two-way communication – Enables instrument software update and configuration 
  • Advanced – Full signal range resolution 
  • Convenient – All sensor data can be transmitted 
  • Stable – No signal loss 
  • Quality – Reduced loss to flare, the atmosphere and process loss 

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