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pig detection

ClampOn DSP Topside PIG Detector

Controls and monitors when the PIG is passing the point of installation

The ClampOn DSP Topside PIG Detector provides dependable information about the passage of the PIG, increases pipeline integrity and is cost-efficient.

The system accomplishes this operation in a basic and safe way as it only monitors the PIG from the outside of the pipe. The sensor is simply clamped onto the pipe, removing any need for welding or drilling during installation. There is no need for inserts in the PIG and the system is capable of detecting all types of PIGs or plugs.

  • Complete digitalisation – Of the system and the elimination of analogue filters 
  • User-friendly – Compact and easy to install in the field 
  • Sufficient capacity – To perform advanced signal-processing tasks in real time 
  • Detection criteria – Can easily be set in the software by an operator
  • Convenient – All data will be logged and all PIG passing will be recorded and time stamped 
  • Trends – Available for correct calibration of detection 
  • Time-saving – Method of detection can quickly be changed if needed 

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