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ClampOn DSP Subsea Sand/Particle Monitor

A non-intrusive sensor that detects and monitors sand in the production line

The Subsea Sand and Particle Detector has all the intelligence and sensitivity of the topside instruments and can be installed to a water depth of 3000m. With fully redundant electronics and hermetically welded seals within titanium housing, the Compact Subsea Sand Detectors are designed to withstand a service life of more than 25 years. 

Sand production in Oil and Gas wells is one of the most challenging factors an operator has to overcome during production. The challenge is not simply to avoid sand production, but also to increase commercial well productivity, as even small quantities of particles in the well flow can cause significant damage. Maximum production and profit from wells is important, no matter what technology is used. That’s why operators all over the world have made ClampOn their preferred supplier of sand monitoring systems.

  • Two-way communication – Enables instrument software update and configuration 
  • Quality – Full signal range resolution with no signal loss 
  • Convenient – All sensor data can be transmitted 
  • Long-lasting – Designed for a service life of more than 25 years 
  • Independent – Redundant electronics & high and atmosphere pressure chambers 
  • Electron beam – Welding of the chamber against external pressure (no rubber or mechanical seals) 
  • Glass-metal penetrator – Barrier between high and atmosphere pressure chambers 
  • Outstanding sensitivity, repeatability, accuracy and signal/noise ratio – Thanks to Digital Signal Processing (DSP) 

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