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High-speed vibration measurement

The VIBSCANNER 2 EX by PRÜFTECHNIK is an explosion protection system for rapidly detecting machine vibration in hazardous work environments. Measuring simultaneously on three axes, the VIBSCANNER 2 EX sets the benchmark for fast and accurate measurements of machine, gear and bearing issues.

In just a quarter of the time of a standard data-collector, the VIBSCANNER 2 EX precisely measures available data in three axes. Equipped with a triaxial sensor, it requires only one measurement point and the click of a button to begin collecting machine data.

This device is ideal for route-based maintenance jobs in environments where explosion protection standards are required. Its magnetic foot of the triaxial sensor fits perfectly on the housing of any motor, pump, fan or other rotating device, detecting vibration right near the source.

  • Quick, accurate measurements – Delivers measurements up to four times faster than the industry standard
  • Easy to use – Intuitive interface with collection of machine data at the push of a button
  • Parallel digital data processing – Minimal time spent at machine
  • Quality – Real triaxial data acquisition
  • Touch display – Shock-proof, high-contrast, glove-enabled

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