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Laser Alignment & Condition Monitoring

PRUFTECHNIK is the leading provider of cutting-edge measuring and diagnostic tools for rotating machinery. They provide accurate and trustworthy testing, ensuring that your equipment is operating at peak performance levels across numerous industries including oil and gas, power generation and more.

See below our range of laser alignment and condition monitoring systems from PRUFTECHNIK.

PRÜFTECHNIK Frequently Asked Questions

What is a laser alignment system?

Pruftechnik laser alignment systems use a laser to accurately measure the position and orientation of machinery components, such as shaft alignment systems and couplings and can detect misalignments or deviations from specified tolerances.

What is laser alignment used for?

A laser alignment system can be used to align new machinery during installation, or to perform periodic maintenance checks on existing equipment to ensure proper machinery alignment and prevent issues such as vibration and excessive wear.

What is a Condition Monitoring System?

A condition monitoring system is a system that monitors the condition of equipment or machinery to detect any signs of malfunction or failure. This is typically done by collecting data on various parameters through vibration analysis, temperature monitoring, and oil analysis, and analysing that data to identify patterns or changes that indicate a problem. Condition monitoring systems can be used to predict and prevent equipment failure, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

What is a Condition Monitoring System used for?

A condition monitoring system is used to improve equipment reliability, reduce downtime and maintenance costs, and optimize the performance and lifespan of equipment in various industries such as rotating equipment (Rotating equipment monitoring), electrical equipment, process systems, and renewable energy systems.

How accurate are Pruftechnik’s condition monitoring systems?

Condition monitoring systems have high accuracy and reliability when used properly. For example, vibration analysis is a widely used method for monitoring the condition of rotating equipment, and it can detect issues such as misalignment, imbalance, and bearing wear with high accuracy.

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