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Accurate & reliable vibration data collector

The VIBSCANNER 2 by PRÜFTECHNIK is a high-speed vibration data collector that measures overall values, spectra and time signals synchronously in three axes, based on user-defined settings. In combination with a triaxial sensor, VIBSCANNER 2 collects even more machine condition data per measurement location.

The VIBSCANNER 2 is easy to use, without needing knowledge of vibration. It is especially useful and time-efficient as you do not require software onsite in order to use the VIBSCANNER 2. Data can be uploaded and downloaded to remote servers.

  • Fast – Measurement times up to four times shorter than industry standard
  • Easy to use – Intuitive operation due to graphical user interface
  • Compact – One-button operation
  • Convenient – Measure RPM with built-in Stroboscope or via vibration signal
  • High Contrast Touch Display – Shockproof & glove-enabled
  • Analog signal processing – Synchronous, 3-channel, high sample rate
  • Automatic Signal Check – Ensures high quality data collection
  • Intelligent measurement location identification – Via RFID or VIBCODE system
  • Triaxial Sensor – Records vibration from 3 axes simultaneously
  • OMNITREND Centre Software – Database & analysis
  • Long-life rechargeable battery – 10 hours working time, 1 hour fast recharge

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