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Vibration Analysis Software  

OMNITREND Center by PRÜFTECHNIK is a powerful software program for PRÜFTECHNIK’s online and portable condition monitoring systems. It enables easy measurement configurations, data management, archiving, analysis and in-depth reporting. 
OMNITREND Center is available for single or multi-user environments. The tree-based asset management structure allows you to easily orientate yourself through measurements and track the history of your equipment. This professional vibration analysis software creates a highly efficient and accurate platform for advanced interactive reporting.

  • Central data management – Clear overview & status display of the monitored equipment
  • Interactive reporting – In HTML format with links to findings & measurement results
  • Easy machine configuration – Machine templates based on PRUFTECHNIK‘s 40+ years of experience
  • Dynamic band alarming – Overall values
  • Easy to read – 3D-FFT waterfall diagrams
  • All analysis tools – Statistical algorithms for trend prognosis
  • Safe – Advanced alarm management & configuration
  • Gearbox modelling – With kinematic Model Editor
  • Advanced Modbus support – For seamless communication with PLCs (Device dependent)

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