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Online Condition Monitoring System

VIBGUARD Compact by PRÜFTECHNIK is an intelligent online condition monitoring system that offers 6 measurement channels for continuous real-time monitoring of critical assets with changing operating conditions. 

This system is designed with a highly dynamic analogue input for the 6 channels and can be equipped with either ICP vibration sensors or with voltage input signals for process variables. This online condition monitoring system ensures reliable monitoring and protects your plant against unplanned downtimes, secures production and increases asset efficiency. 

The VIBGUARD Compact ‘Intelligent Event Recorder’ stores relevant results automatically and is continuously providing the basis necessary for comprehensive machine diagnostics.

  • Versatile – 6 fully synchronous measuring channels for continuous data acquisition, observation of up to 6 operating conditions & 6 characteristic values (overall vibration levels or bearing condition)
  • High quality interface – Bidirectional Modbus TCP
  • Characteristic value trend storage – With adjustable data reduction & Intelligent Event Recording 
  • Advanced – In depth machine diagnostic capabilities & time waveform & spectrum envelope capabilities 

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