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VIBRONET Signalmaster

Online Condition Monitoring 

With the VIBRONET® Signalmaster by PRÜFTECHNIK, up to 162 measuring points can be installed and whole production areas can be involved in the monitoring. The distance between the basic unit and the sensor does not play a pivotal role as the wiring conception used reduces installation costs significantly. This makes it one of the most effective and financially economical monitoring systems for large machinery and widespread plants with production-critical units.

With vibration, temperature, RPM and other process parameters being combined into a monitoring network, whole plant sections are able to be covered. A VIBRONET® Signalmaster installation assures dependable machine monitoring even in harsh environments such as cement plants, open-pit and underground mining or refineries. The data can then be recorded and analysed in OMNITREND CENTER, the universal software platform for PRÜFTECHNIK’s Condition Monitoring systems.

  • Flexibility in measurement parameters – Vibration (overall, FFT, enveloping and time signal – “time waveform”), temperature, speed, voltage, current, strain gauges etc.
  • Intelligent – ‘Diagnosis robot’ for standalone alarm monitoring
  • Integral web server – Allows user to monitor and analyse machines via standard internet browsers (‘Telediagnosis’)
  • Integral email server – Setup automated email & SMS alerts based on alarms
  • ‘Plug and play’ – User-friendly commissioning
  • Powerful software – Interfacing via Omnitrend
  • Additional option – Intrinsic safety

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