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PIOX S Mass Flow Meter

The Ultrasonic Mass Flow Meter PIOX S for Liquids

PIOX S determines the mass flow of liquids by using clamp-on ultrasonic transducers that are located on the outside of the pipe. The PIOX S Mass Flow Meter provides a non-invasive solution when substances and processes place heavy demands on safety and reliability.

PIOX S measures the sound velocity,  determining the density and concentration of the medium inside the pipe. At the same time, it records the volume flow rate using the transit time difference. From both values, after adequately correcting the current fluid temperature, the flow meter calculates the mass flow.

  • Time measurement – For the accurate and repeatable determination of concentration, density & density-related physical quantities
  • Flameproof & explosion proof – Housing for hazardous areas
  • Intrinsic safe process inputs – For the integration of external pressure & temperature sensors
  • Convenient – Bidirectional communication and HART
  • Easy to use – Two measuring channels

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