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geometric measurement


Self-levelling rotating laser

LEVALIGN Expert by PRÜFTECHNIK is a very attractive package for OEMs and companies who offer full maintenance services for improvement of machine running condition and productivity.

Levelling and flatness with a rotating laser means geometric measurements are made simple. The horizontal and vertical self-levelling spinning laser with 200m measurement range in conjunction with a 70mm range sensor ensures quick, one-person operation for wide-ranging measurement tasks. Wireless communication between the sensor and ROTALIGN Ultra iS handset or GEO CENTER transfers measurement data for analysis and evaluation of the surface profile. 


  • Measurement capabilities –  Flatness, straightness, parallelism, perpendicularity & level of flanges & foundations
  • Easy one-person operation – Horizontal & vertical self-leveling rotating laser
  • Measurement analysis and reporting – PC software
  • Powerful – Software functionalities to compare multiple surfaces
  • Easy to use – Integrated wireless communication
  • Time efficient and cost-effective – Free app to transfer & view results

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