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Alignment Reliability Center 4.0

ARC 4.0
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Alignment Reliability Center 4.0

Pruftechnik’s Latest Alignment Software Package

Coinciding with the release of the Rotalign Touch, Pruftechnik have unleashed the new Alignment Reliability Center 4.0 alignment software which is a Windows based platform. This is the newest software on the market and will assist with plant management and the history of your assets. The new design is simple to use and has improved features.

Alignment Reliability Center 4.0

Alignment data can be immediately and efficiently sent using the Rotalign Touch and Alignment Reliability Center 4.0 software (ARC 4.0).

Once ARC 4.0 is connected to the Pruftechnik cloud it can be connected anywhere in the world.  On completion of the alignment service, the data will be uploaded back to the software. With the ability to customise templates and suggested measurement modes prompt, this intelligent software makes alignment and reporting more convenient. It’s the perfect tool to analyse data in detail and customise professional reports. Contact Aquip to find out the options available for your equipment with this leading alignment software.


  • Simple data exchange – Cloud, Bluetooth, WiFi, USB (dependent on measurement device)
  • Real time communication
  • Professional reports
  • Database management
  • Asset management
  • Monitor history of your alignments and assets
  • Template creation
  • Library function


  • Rotalign Touch
  • Rotalign Ultra iS
  • Optalign Smart
  • Shaftalign

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