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Shims – Stainless Steel Pre-cut

Steel Shims
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Shims – Stainless Steel Pre-cut

Softfoot Problems? Problem Solved! 

Get rid of your old and rusty shims today. PRÜFTECHNIK has a wide range of pre-cut shims ranging from size A, B, C, D and E in packets of 20 or complete cases.

PERMABLOC pre-cut shims are up to four times more cost-effective than hand-cut shims. This can be calculated quite easily. Time studies show that up to 15 minutes are required to fabricate a single shim from sheet stock. Pre-cut shims not only reduce labour costs during installation and repair, but facilitate inventory control and avoid the risk of injury when cutting and inserting sharp-edged shims.

PERMABLOC shim cases contains a complete assortment of shims so that the right shim size and thickness are always at your fingertips. The case itself is extremely rugged.


  • 4 machine foot sizes, 8 different thicknesses
  • High quality stainless steel
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Dimension markings
  • Permanent thickness
  • Perfectly flat for consistent & stable support
  • Perforated tab for easy application
  • Assorted sizes and thicknesses
  • Reusable