Kamstrup is one of the largest manufacturers of water and energy submetering products.

European and global markets have had wide exposure to Kamstrup’s market leading systems for many years.  During this time, they have proven their value in savings across a range of building types and HVAC applications.  They are widely used for commercial tenant billing and metering in Hotels, Stadiums, mixed use facilities and large multi-level commercial buildings.

Ultrasonic in-line water and energy metering

Kamstrup ultrasonic in-line water and energy meters are ideal for monitoring, balancing and managing energy and water consumption across large or small facilities.

Facility Managers are able to analyse usage and collect data for improved circuit balancing.  In addition to this, they can provide transparency and structure in cost allocation.

Future Proof – Plug’n’Play

Kamstrup’s systems offer the widest range of interchangeable communication modules, an  innovative design and “plug’n’play” flexibility.  Their novel design creates a ‘future-proof’ installation, making it easy to update should BMS communication protocols be changed down the track.

Individual Metering

Individual metering provides insights into total energy and water consumption, as well as high-usage periods. Monitoring over time and trending of data helps to improve tenant environmental impact awareness thus reducing costs arising from leakages and over consumption.

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