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Permanent Ultrasonic Clamp On Energy Flowmeter

Clamp-on Energy Flow Meter
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Permanent Ultrasonic Clamp On Energy Flowmeter

Energy Flowmeter using clamp on ultrasonic flow meters.

In times of rising energy prices and new government regulations, thermal energy monitoring is on the rise. From heat delivery between central heating plants to real estate end users or heat transfer flows in industrial processes: controlling and balancing the flow of energy is of utmost importance for cost conscious users.

The FLUXUS ADM7407E Permanent Energy Flowmeter allows the easy measurement of the energy flow in a system.

With temperature measurements made at the inlet and at the outlet of a system as well as accurate flow measurement at the outlet , the energy flowmeter calculates the energy flow within that system. All this is done with temperature and flow measurement devices mounted on the outside of the pipe. This makes it an ideal retrofit solution for existing buildings, or as a cost-effective, highly-accurate, maintenance-free, single source solution for thermal flow metering.

The FLUXUS ADM7407E Energy flowmeter will display the actual energy flow through the system, and if needed, totalise the heat flow in order to obtain the energy quantity. Modbus is available for direct digital communication to a BMS.

The flow computer features state of the art analogue to digital converters to ensure the delta T measurement is maintained at it’s highest resolution possible. Matched flow transducers and temperature probes ensure both temperature and flow inputs are the highest accuracy. Temperature compensation in the flow transducers ensure the measurement is pre-zeroed with no zero drift. All these factors combine to make the ADM7407E Energy Flowmeter truly the most accurate, reliable and cost-effective solution in the marketplace.

Aquip Systems have a team of technicians and engineers available for installation / commissioning. A typical install will take 3-4 hours – no cutting of the pipe, no downtime. The final installation is all underneath the insulation, and with Flexim’s unique dry-coupling solution, there is no need for the insulation to ever be removed.