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Portable Energy Flow Meter

F601E Portable thermal Enrgy flow meter
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Portable Energy Flow Meter

Portable Energy Flow Metering with the Flexim FLUXUS F601 Energy

The FLUXUS F601 E is a portable clamp-on flow meter is available with additional temperature probe ports, creating a portable energy flow meter – the ideal companion for the analysis or auditing of heating and chiller plants. The collected data can be used to perform a complete energy balance or to assist during process monitoring and optimization.

With traceable calibration certificates for the matched clamp-on ultrasonic flow transducers and the matched clamp-on temperature probes, you can be assured of an accurate and reliable measurement. Temperature compensation within the transducers ensure the measurement holds zero.

The F601 portable energy flow meter offers efficient battery management – over 14 hrs. of remote measurement time. Moreover, the measurement system can be fully set-up in less than five minutes due to the intuitive user guidance and the automatic transducer recognition. Its application range is unrivalled – from pipes as small as 10mm up to 6500 mm inner diameter and temperatures ranging from -40°C to 200°C (with the WaveInjector solution even from -160°C to 400°C).

 Refrigeration and air conditioning systems

  • Measurement of inlet and outlet flow for service work and maintenance
  • Pump preventative maintenance and checks
  • Optimization of energy efficiency
  • Detection of fouling processes in heat exchangers


Facility management / Energy Flow Metering

  • Optimization of heating and air conditioning systems in large building complexes
  • Pump control