In recent years there has been a rise in demand for instrumentation to accurately sample and report the blend of multiphase product streams, particularly in the oil industry, where water holdup and water cut are key production parameters. Aquip answers this need with a range of sampling devices from the leading manufacturers in the field. Through the Jiskoot range, Aquip offers the oil and gas industries world-leading blending technology.

Water Cut Analysers

To serve the need of the oil and gas producer for continuous monitoring of a water/oil emulsion stream, Aquip carries the NUFLO Series Watercut Monitors. These are highly accurate, capacitance probe devices, which compensate digitally for the nonlinearity of the relationship between frequency and watercut.

True Cut Sampling Systems

Aquip distributes the Cameron range of sampling products, which have earned an enviable reputation in the oil and gas industry for robust accuracy. Ideal for capturing proportion-to-flow samples of multiple products, these instruments are simple to install and use.

Sampling Products

With its reputation for rugged simplicity and great accuracy the Clif Mock isokinetic sampler probe has been a firm favourite of the oil and gas industry since the 60s.


Cameron recently acquired Jiskoot Quality Systems, making it the leading supplier of multiphase blending equipment to the world’s oil and gas industry. With over 40 years’ experience in in-line blending, Jiskoot is the system of choice for liquid processing of all kinds.

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